Aimee's Journey @New York

When I met a Psychic

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In the late afternoon of last Tuesday, I wandered in 34th street after the class. I saw a middle-aged woman in black, waiting someone at the door of a gift shop. When she saw me, she stared at me for about five seconds. I felt strange, and quickened my pace when passing her. “Hey! Girl.” She talked to me, “Are you worrying a lot these days?”

I stopped and felt stranger, with a little surprise. First, I didn’t know her. Second, I did have something bothering me these days. How could she read my mind? “Hi, did we met somewhere?” I asked. “No, I never met you before. But I can see that your mind is in chaos and currently you cannot find a way to get rid of this status. May I help you to smooth them?” She paused, “I feel some connection with you. I’m a psychic.”

This was the first time I bumped into such a thing. I was so surprised that I could not speak a word. “For you, twenty dollars.” said she. I nodded because I was curious about what she would do next. She asked me to show her my palm first, and then took out a pebble, a very normal pebble. “Put your hands on it.” I did what she said, and she looked at the pebble very carefully. Was the pebble some kind of a crystal ball? When I was wondering, she started to talk, “You are a foreign student. You like here at first, but now you feel things change. You feel depressed because you feel someone who is very important is leaving.” At the thought of my grandma being seriously ill and I could not always be at her side due to the distance, I felt sad. “You worked hard on something but it didn’t turn out to be desirable.” The denied project, the off-track paper comes to my mind and made me frustrated.

“But it is fine. And you will be fine. Remember, peace is the source of your wisdom and strength. You have the strength to identify yourself. You have the passion to go for what you want. You will become a woman who know how to dig into herself and bring out her power.”

I don’t know why, but these a few words have sort of magic to make me relieved. It seemed that all my negative thoughts were taken away by the pebble. And the psychic gave me warm and hope. How could an office lady look woman be a psychic? Why did she choose me not someone else? Did connection really exist? Suddenly all these questions became unimportant. Life is like a maze. When I lost my way, someone showed up, giving me confidence, and I called it fate.

What a wonderful day!


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