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Bahamas you are amazing!

After rounds of midterms, spring break was coming! Finally. My friends and I went a 4-day trip to Bahamas. 😀


We lived in the Atlantis. It is a well-known hotel located in Paradise Island, featuring Aquaventure and Dolphin Cay. There are also many entertainment facilities, including casino, shopping malls, an aquarium, and one underground ancient maze. We spent a whole day on Aquaventure, experiencing the water slides and river rides. One waterslide was thrilling. It was more than five-stories high and near vertical drop. It took only about three seconds to plummet down. Just looking at the screaming people made me terrified. None of us dared to have a try. After taking the river rides around the hotel, we lay on the beach, enjoying the sunshine and icing drinks. All the mind was occupied by the pure sea, the cloudless sky and playing people. I felt so relieved. The beauty of nature was more effective than any spa.


Accidentally met Miss Bahamas in Athens Restaurant

After exploring the downtown of Nassau, we went to a restaurant to have some dinner.

“Hi ladies. Welcome to Athens! I’m Michael. Here’s our drink menu. The Bahamasmama, Bahamaspapa is must-try.” The waiter blinked.

“Is there any Bahamasboyfriend?” We bllinked back.

“Aha, yeah, sure. I am one!”

“One is not enough. Here are five ladies!”

“OK. I will call a dozen to come.”


Waiter: “Hey girls. How is the dinner?”

(We looked at each other.)

Qing: “Not good. I don’t like my meal. And the owner promised me it’s wonderful, or I don’t need to pay.”

Waiter: “Oh, He’s not here right now. Do you want to see our manager?”


(A glowing woman, wearing blazing red lips walked to us, smiling)

Manager: “What’s up darlings?”

Qing: “He promised us to take Bahamasboyfriends! But no one shows up.”

(She could not stop laughing)

Manager: “Hahahahah. You should come again after 10p.m., and they will appear! Girls, where are you from?”

We: “China!”

Manager: “Wow, I like China. I’ve been to Beijing in 2007.”

Waiter: “She was the Miss Bahamas of the year 2007.”

We: “Oh my god! You are amazing! Nice to meeting you!”

Manager: “Me too! China is wonderful. Nice people, nice food! Enjoy your holiday in Bahamas!”


(The manager left.)

Waiter: “Actually she is my wife.”

Qing: “Wow, you are the lucky guy! Are you Mr. Mahamas?”

Waiter: “Haha, I can be.”



Pink beach

All the beaches are similar. But have you seen the pink sand? There is one in Harbor Island!



How amazing the nature is! How lovely my friends are!


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“We Take the Fake ID”

Last Saturday night, I was waiting at a bar for my friend because I was caught in a sudden heavy rain. The bar was so crowded that day due to the terrible weather or its fame. After 10 minutes, Qing showed up but the waiter at the door took her ID angrily and claimed that it was a fake ID. Qing and I were astonished and explained that it was actually an international driver’s license, which was issued by the Hong Kong government. However, the waiter did not listen and asked us whether to go away or find a cop to prove that the ID was true.

Qing and I were shocked and wondered how a stranger could take such an important ID, without any justified reason, and made it like it’s our fault. Our mind suddenly went black. Two Chinese guys in the bar were friendly to offer us a hand. They talked to the waiter, but then the talking became arguing, and they even picked up a fight. “Oh no. Stop, please. Let’s find another way.” said my Qing, helplessly. We tried to look for a police station but there was no one nearby. The rain became heavier and heavier, we stood under a very tiny roof, taking shelter from the rain. “How about dialing 911?” I suggested. “Yeah…maybe we can.” Said Qing. Suddenly, there was a police car stopping at the crossroad. Without a thought, Qing ran into the car and knocked the window hardly, trying to tell the police what happened. I could not speak a word but felt everything was so dramatic. Qing was standing in the heavy rain, while the police officer seemed unwillingly to roll down the window. And all the cars surrounded were not dare to move even though the green light was on. Qing walked back to me, “He said he could not leave the car because he was on duty. And you know what? I saw a criminal with handcuff in the back seat!” “Wow!” I could not help feeling excited. After a little while of chatting, we took out our phones, ready to dial 911. At that time, the boss of the bar came to us, “I did not mean to take your ID. I’ll let him explain why the ID was fake.” What’s ridiculous was that, this time, the waiter could not tell it was fake! “What the …” shouted the Qing. The boss felt embarrassed and made a sincere apology. “Well, you ruined our night.” said Qing. “Please don’t be that. I’m so sorry. Let me buy you a drink!” the boss invited us to come inside and introduced his wife to us.

We were a little drunk when we were on our way back home, and we could not help bursting into laughter because the whole thing was so funny and Qing got her ID back!