Aimee's Journey @New York

There was a Thief in our Apartment

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“Oh my god! Oh my god! There is a thief!” It was 4 a.m. on last Wednesday, and my roommate Xin’s scream broke the peace of dawn and waked me up from the dream. What? A thief? Am I dreaming? When Xin ran into my room with a frightened face, I knew it was not a joke, or her dream.

Suddenly the lights in the house were on, and everyone was wearing sleepy and confused eyes walked out to their room and wondered what happened. Xin started to talk intermittently, “I saw a black shadow… standing… besides my chair, searching my bag. He… he is wearing a mask and I cannot recognize him. At first I thought that was one of you and called your name, then he found me awake and ran away.” We knew that this was not a nightmare because all of us heard someone slammed the door with a loud bang. We gazed at each other and Xin was fighting back tears. I went to her and gave her a hug, “It will be fine. Let’s check if something is missing first.” Xin nodded and muttered, “Mobile phone, here. Wallet, here. Credit cards, here. Keys, here. I think there’s nothing lost. I’m just so scared.” “How could this happen? Didn’t the last one who went home yesterday lock the door?” said Qing, another roommate. It seemed like that since there was no sign of the lock being picked. It was always a concern for me that some of my roommates often forget to lock the door. Now there came a thief, which was like an awful warning. I stated my thought, “I think we should make it a rule to lock the door every time leaving and coming back home. And can we have another good lock? The current one is easily opened and makes me feel insecure. Are we on the same page?” “Agreed!” all of my roommates said with a voice.

Then everyone came back to sleep and I stayed with Xin in her room. I opened the video “Two Broke Girls”, a popular, funny TV series talking about two poor waitresses living in New York, trying to distract her attention from the horrible night. After watching two episodes, we were still wide awake. “He is very tall and strong, reminding me of the murder in the cartoon which I watched in my childhood.” said Xin. I could see that she was still in a panic, so I suggested, “How about reporting this issue to the police?”

After coming back from the police office, and a cup of hot tea, with the sun rising, I felt much calmer. As long as there was nothing missed and nobody hurt, I felt we were damned lucky.


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