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COOOOL Pillow Fight Day!

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Yesterday was the international Pillow Fight Day! There were more than one hundred cities all over the world hosted this grand event, including London, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong. Undoubtedly, New York City didn’t miss this global celebration. On 3p.m. yesterday, the pillow fight began sharply on time on the Washington Square, attracting thousands of people to participate. I knew the event a week ago from the Wechat, a growing Chinesse chatting tool as well as social media platform, and I was so excited and could not wait to be one of the pillow fighters!

IMG_3913[1]       IMG_3915[1]


Pillows were flying and teddies were soaring. People used pillows as weapons to hit friends or strangers. Some people were very well armed, wearing a costume or a mask. I saw one guy even taking a furred shield with him. But I also realized that these people were easily becoming the target to be attacked by a group of people. The men who dressed like Pikachu (a famous Japanese cartoon character), Spiderman, pirates, Ninja, were all sieged. The bunny mask on a boy’s face was taken away by surrounding people, and he looked so innocent that people stopped to “bully” him.

IMG_3929[1]    IMG_3911[1]

Besides a strong pillow and fast feet, there was another powerful weapon – a father’s shoulder! Many kids were sitting on their fathers’ shoulder, like a prince on an elephant, throwing pillows on other people. The high position and the far vision, the definite advantages helped them to win the fight. A kid raised his hands very high and cheered loudly, and gave his father a tight hug.

IMG_3912[1] IMG_3930[1]

This is the first time for me to be a pillow warrior. It is a fresh way to relax and amuse! And one round of pillow fight equal two hours in the gym! Fabric and feathers swung on the sky, while laughter conveyed in the air. Next year, I will be an experienced pillow warrior!



This year is the 8th year of the Pillow Fight Day, which originated from flash-mob style fights from Caracas to Cincinati. Since 2008, an increasing number of cities worldwide engage to hold this event. The date is the first Saturday of April, and the place varies from each year. While the basic rules of the fight are consistent from city to city, some cities add their own flair. For instance, once London asked participants to wear pyjamas while Vancouver required people to scream “Pillow Fight” at the designated time.


One thought on “COOOOL Pillow Fight Day!

  1. Wow! Look what I found here! I am honored that my pictures of the pillow fight are used here!
    I originally did not intend to join this “flash mob” thing, but I was dragged by my friend. And although I didn’t participate, I enjoy the craziness and poker face of policeman. It was quite a fight and a good show. Sometimes I think people live in big cities should organize more and participate more in these events for it not only relaxes burdened souls but also brings more vibrancy to the city.
    BTW, it is also a demonstration of how the Internet and social media bring people together – Just see how a simple announcement can congregate so many people in one unorganized event.

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