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A Letter to Sister

People say that there are two phases you will experience when going to a new environment: firstly, a heavy dose of novelty, and then more and more intense homesickness.  Last week, my sister got married and I was not able to attend her wedding since my new semester just began. Sadness, pity, happy, a lot of emotions and memories were aroused, so I decided to write them down to tell my dear sister.

Dear sister

When I watched the photos and videos of your wedding that dad and mom sent to me, all kinds of emotions were brought up. The smile on your face told me that you were the happiest woman in the world on that day.

I felt so pity that I could not attend your wedding, and even a little angry that you didn’t hold the wedding before I left Shanghai. Since I was a little child, we made a deal that I would be your bridesmaid someday in the future, and it was like a seed buried in my heart but failed to blossom. After knowing that you are going to marry a couple weeks ago, a lot of childhood memories came back to my mind. Despite the twelve years age gap, I always loved to play with you and was like a little tail of you. When I was a primary school student, you were already a college student. At that time, we lived in a small house. Every time the new semester began, you bought me beautiful dust jackets and cute stickers to decorate new books. You brought me to the wonderful handwork world, teaching me to make origami, bracelets and embroidery. Laughter filled our life every day. We poured water at each other at the garden in summer. We tried to heat milk candies on the lid of rice cooker in winter and succeeded.

You are always my model, even heroine. I appreciate your taste of books and clothes. I am influenced by your passion to find something new and interesting. I admire your calm attitude to the ups and downs of life. The guy you marry is someone you truly loved for ten years. No matter how people don’t see a bright future of you two, how hindered by others, you resist the stress and prove to everyone that you cannot be parted. Seeing you holding hands tightly, I feel all your grief and insistence for years is worthwhile. I’m going to burst into tears because I am really happy for you! Although the position of bridesmaid is vacant, the best wish is always there to fill. Congratulations! From now, you are starting a new chapter of life.

I love you, sis! Please be fiercely happy!